All business practices must be aligned in an integrated sequence to create and deliver value in a sustainable way.
By Gerald Hutchinson, President, ANOVA> Performance Solutions, LLC.
Business-people know that they must deliver value to their customers to stay alive. That is part of their vision. But to do more than survive—to thrive—the best leaders work to help their people (and themselves) build and sustain the momentum of success by aligning beliefs with behaviors:

              • Vision with Goals
              • Goals
with Strategy
              • Strategy
with Plans
              • Plans
with Methods
              • Methods
with Action
              • Action
with Results
              • Results
with Reinforcement
              • Reinforcement
with Values
              • Values
with Vision
Every step is necessary for sustainable success. Break the chain at any point and you risk eventual failure.
It all depends on people. Despite the best of intentions, people can fail or falter at any point in this chain. Success, on the other hand, is defined by people’s ability to understand, believe, think, plan, pursue, and act. All of which is conducted within a work-climate that supports or inhibits serving the best interests of the team and the business.
Whether helping design ways for your people to perform at their best, assisting your team to implement a new business strategy or pursue new initiatives, or just providing an objective assessment of your situation,
ANOVA> can help you break with the inertia of the past to build and sustain momentum for new-found levels of success.
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The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it’s the same problem you had last year.”
— John Foster Dulles